From discovering God's grace and love in the simplicity of a sand dollar on a quiet beach to surviving motherhood, Trish Berg reflects on her life as she reminds readers of the joy in the journey (Psalm 118:24). Trish’s books bring readers a unique perspective on life that helps them to keep it simple and keep it biblical, even in the midst of the Christmas chaos or the dinnertime blues. God is transforming lives through Trish’s transparent faith, one book at a time.


A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts - Stories to Celebrate and Wisdom to Bless Moms


(Leafwood, 2012)



A SCRAPBOOK OF MOTHERHOOD FIRSTS celebrates motherhood milestones in a collection of topics from conception to school days, and recipes to family fun days. With nearly 150 years of collective mothering, Leslie, Trish, Terra, Cathy, and Karen combine common sense, heartfelt advice, and humor to encourage young women in their journey through motherhood.

Through tips, stories, recipes, and memories, these women bring faith-filled words of wisdom and insight for mothers of all ages.


Tending the Soul by Midday Connection

Tending the Soul

(Moody Publishers 2011)

By: Anita Lustrea, Melinda Schmidt and Lori Neff

(With a Chapter titled "Sand Dollar Prayers," By Trish Berg)

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"Every day, tens of thousands of women turn to Midday Connection for spiritual nourishment and encouragement through the radio program and Facebook community.  The hosts, Anita Lustrea, Melinda Schmidt and Lori Neff hear the heartfelt needs of these women and understand their desires to grow in body, mind, and soul.  

A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts

By Trish Berg, Cathy Messecar, Leslie Wilson, Brenda Nixon, Karen Robbins and Terra Hangen

(Leafwood Publishers 2008)

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Is your December cluttered? Does Christmas leave you fretting instead of singing “Joy to the World?” In A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts is a book to help you un-complicate Christmas, re-discover the real source of joy, and usher in the celebration of faith, family and a Savior.

Rattled-Surviving Your Baby's First Year without Losing Your Cool!

By Trish Berg

(Multnomah 2008)

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Motherhood is a God-designed, out-of-your-control, new life that could leave you with snowballing doubts...if you don't discover solid support and guidance. In Rattled, Trish Berg offers the sisterhood of mothers a sense of reality. You will relax, find your stresses and challenges are the same for all mothers; relish practical encouragement, and experience relief as you savor the simple joy and privilege of mothering.

The Great American Supper Swap

By Trish Berg

(David C. Cook 2007)

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Did you know that only 50% of American families eat dinner together every night, and 34% of those meals come from fast food restaurants? Families are giving up on supper and kids are paying the price. If your weekday evenings look more like a sitcom than a family show, supper swapping is for you!

The Great American Supper Swap presents the simple solution to your dinnertime dilemma. Supper swapping is simple, and it simply works! Let The Great American Supper Swap show you how!

Mom You Make a Difference

Edited by Elisa Morgan

(Revell, 2005)

(With a Chapter titled "Spring Fever," By Trish Berg)

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In this story, Trish shares God’s plan for moms-- how we can catch a childlike excitement about Spring, and how motherhood has given her a glimpse into how God sees her as His child.