Most moms can change a diaper faster than a rodeo cowboy can rope a calf and survive on less sleep than a 3rd year Intern. Yet the chaos and clutter of motherhood can quickly steal their joy.

Author and speaker Trish Berg reminds moms to keep it simple and keep it biblical. In the midst of sleep deprivation and Cheerio dust, she wants moms to embrace the wonder and privilege of being a mom.

Trish has been featured on ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, Focus on the Family, Moody’s Midday Connection; 100 Huntley Street, That’s Life with Robin Swoboda and The Harvest Show.

She is a national speaker for Hearts at Home (2008) and MOPS International (2007), and enjoys speaking at church events, conferences, and women’s retreats all over the country.

Trish has written for Today’s Christian Woman,, Focus on Your Child, MOMSense Magazine, P31 WOMAN, and Hearts at Home. She was also featured as a mom expert in Woman’s World Magazine in 2007.

She earned her MBA in marketing from John Carroll University, but earned her doctorate in diaper changing in rural Ohio where she lives with her husband, Michael, and their four children, age’s twelve to five.



The Berg Family

Trish Berg and FamilyThe Berg’s live on a 200 acre family Polled Hereford beef cattle farm. Their kids are the eighth generation of Bergs to live in their century home.Trish and Mike truly enjoy the adventures that their kids have brought into their lives. Some of their favorite activities include:

  • Summer vacations on Johnson’s Island at Grandma and Grandpa’s cottage on Lake Erie
  • Cheering for Daddy’s Bulldog baseball team on sunny spring afternoons 
  • Family church camp at Camp Luther in Conneaut, Ohio, where they draw closer to the Lord, one another, and spend time with family and friends swimming, laughing a lot, singing by camp fires, and playing board games in the lodge
  • Helping Grandpa Berg with the farm work, especially feeding the cattle and riding on the Gator
  • Spending time up the hill at Grandma and Grandpa Berg’s house


Ten things you might not know about Trish:

  1. She is a city girl at heart who has grown to love country life, and has even been known to help her daughter wash her calf getting her ready for the county fair.
  2. She watches Survivor, The Apprentice, and 24, though rarely admits it publicly.
  3. She played guard on her high school basketball team, and loves hoops!
  4. She was on her college newspaper staff as a sports reporter.
  5. She met Jesus on the bluff of Lake Erie at church camp when she was in college.
  6. She was once a youth group advisor and took the teens to inner city Chicago to help churches with maintenance…..while she was 5 months pregnant with her first child!
  7. She spent some of her childhood years visiting her dad and grandparents in New York City, has skated at Rockefeller Center and chased Santa’s sleigh down at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  8. She has changed over 18,000 diapers in the past eleven years, from her four kids alone! (And that’s a conservative estimate!)
  9. She loves popcorn and hot cocoa (made the right way, with milk.)
  10. She loves sipping her morning coffee while watching Live with Regis and Kelly, but only gets to see the first fifteen minutes since motherhood always calls.

To learn even more about Trish, check out some of her favorite things!



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